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agadfgad adgfad Asked: Shaved eyebrows vs. plucked/waxed?

I just would like to know how fast do eyebrows grow back? I heard there is a difference between plucked and shaved. Honestly I shaved mine off and I need to know when I get them back? Background info: I'm 18 male, blonde, not a lot of facial hair, but thick hair. I heard in like as little as 1 week they can grow back to a nice length, because right now it's bad. I did a clean shave against the grain, but I feel stuble already and I shaved it yesterday. So any help would be appreciated.


Ms Anathema Answered:
With shaving, the hair starts growing back immediately. With waxing, all of the hair is removed at one time and the entire hair is removed- and grows back much slower, over a period of a couple weeks.

Bree Clara Answered:
im not a jeweler but if you were my bf, id be soooo stoked that you made my ring yourself. so romantic

cjsmummy Answered:
absolutely not – its a fantastic idea.your girlfriend will get a unique ring she will love for the rest of her life.and honestly,how could you turn down a guy who put so much work into the ring?she will be thrilled!

Alison Answered:
Oh for heaven's sake! There's no such thing as "bad luck" unless you believe in voodoo, then you just make yourself sick by worrying.
If you feel strongly about making the ring you should do it with no worries. Just be sure to let a certified jeweler mount the stone and inspect it to make sure it's secure. That's the biggest risk with a custom made piece of jewelry.

Samantha Answered:
I have known guys who made their wives' rings. Of course, these are guys who work in jewelry, so it made sense. There's nothing bad-luck about it! My fiance designed my ring with my cousin (a jeweler) who made the ring. It is the most gorgeous ring, in my opinion, and it's one of a kind, which makes me love it even more!

Perse Answered:

Elle Answered:
Bad luck? That wouldn't be bad luck; it would be amazing. I have heard of guys "designing" the ring, but never one who actually sculpted it.

Honestly I would just call or visit a local respected jeweler and ask how they'd work with you.

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